Energy policy is a top priority of governments of all levels today, making it a dynamic and complex environment in which to deploy capital and operate plants. We add capacity to management teams by supporting a full suite of renewable fuel project development needs, including strategic planning, sustainability certification, and risk mitigation.

Strategic Planning

Transformative results begin with clarity of mission, purpose, and execution tactics that are effective across governments, industry stakeholders, and public policy communities.

Carbon Monetization

We pioneered the development of carbon credit protocols and enabling regulations to derive economic value from the production of low-carbon energy products. We also work with excise and carbon tax policies and market regulations (see below) to create carbon value for suppliers.

Risk Mitigation

Clean fuel projects experience unique and potentially fatal risks. We offer expert guidance in identifying policy/regulatory risks and implementing sound mitigation strategies.

Project Finance

We identify and secure sources of government funding (provincial or federal grants, loans, production credits) and assist with project financing (private or public markets).

Sustainability Certification

We are international experts in emerging bio-energy and bio-product sustainability standards that will define global market access in the decades ahead. Full product life-cycle assessment (LCA) of GHG’s and sustainability certification is critical.

Product Standards and Regulations

Emerging clean energy products and other bio-products face market barriers that require new product standards and regulations to overcome. We have extensive Canadian (provincial and national) and international experience in the development and implementation of renewable fuels standards (CGSB, ASTM, EN, ISO) and regulations (RFS, LCFS, RED).

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