As a leader in Canada’s bioenergy industry, Waterfall Group helps businesses with their clean energy projects through expert assessment and analysis. We support investors and corporate interests in detailed project evaluations. Our renewable energy project assessment services include the disciplined analysis of project life-cycle, technology options, financial modelling, and more.

Knowing Your Market

A detailed competitive analysis will help to establish new opportunities and address vulnerabilities. Whether your business is bringing a new product to market or looking to improve current offerings, our in-depth research allows for your business to take a confident step forward.

Knowing the Risks

There are many potential risks facing businesses in the renewable fuels sector. We help identify issues pertaining to personnel and staffing. As with any emerging industry, there are often unforeseen risks and policy changes. Waterfall works to identify current and potential government and public policy risks in order to mitigate potential pitfalls.

Supply, Off-Take and EPCM strategies

We assess the combination of feedstock, process inputs and other factors required for production. Off-take refers to the sale of product (often detailed in contract) and co-products. Our Engineering, procurement, and construction management(EPCM) strategies can assist with the effective management of contracting arrangement for large projects within the energy or infrastructure industries.

Product Life-Cycle Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment of the product life-cycle undertake a detailed quantitative evaluation of a fuels impact on the environment. Using the Canadian and global standards of use for GHG emissions and criteria air contaminants, we uncover the opportunities and threats facing your business.

Financial Modelling

As is the case with any new venture, financial feasibility is fundamental. Our team’s background in business and finance gives us first-hand knowledge in understanding and planning the monetary aspect of a project. We take great care in our financial analysis to support a business case.

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