Waterfall Group supports stakeholders in the clean fuels and natural resource (primarily agriculture and forestry) sectors. Our core expertise is clean (renewable/low carbon) fuels projects and industry development – from project assessment to project execution and from policy definition to regulatory implementation. We see the big picture and manage the details.

Waterfall Group drives change – we work with industry, governments and civil society interests to define and implement transformative market-based policies, create competitive fiscal and tax-based programs, monetize carbon values and create market access for bio-energy and other bio-products by defining sustainability and product standards.

Waterfall Group delivers results – we use our experience in clean energy project development and government policy, regulation, and standards definition to enhance project returns and identify and mitigate investment risks for project developers and investors.

Industry Development

Energy policy is changing rapidly and governments face challenging fiscal realities. We played an industry leadership role in the establishment of over $3 billion of public investment programs and the implementation of provincial and federal renewable fuels standards – these measures drove the early investment in the production and use of biofuels in Canada. Industry growth, however, will depend on informed decision making and sound economic strategy. We work with industry and governments to develop and navigate through new policy, regulation, standards, and fiscal measures to support the production and use of sustainable and low carbon energy and bio-products.

Project Assessment

Clean energy project assessment includes disciplined analysis of technology options, competition, supply / off-take / EPCM strategies, life-cycle assessment, financial modeling, personnel and emergent industry / government / public policy risks. We support investors and corporate interests in detailed project evaluations.

Project Development

Energy policy is a top priority of governments today, making it a dynamic and complex environment in which to deploy capital and operate plants profitably. We add capacity to management teams by supporting a full suite of clean energy project development needs:

Project Management

We can assist management teams with project management, contracting (feedstock procurement, product off-takes, EPCM) and environmental permitting (provincial and federal).