Canadian Biofuels Associations and Councils

Waterfall Group has developed a robust network of industry and government relationships through collaborative work to promote the production and use of sustainable and low-carbon energy and bio-products. We welcome new introductions and would be pleased to assist you in connecting into our network.

Advanced Biofuels Canada

Advanced Biofuels Canada is the national trade association for leading Canadian and global advanced biofuel producers, distributors, and technology developers.

Renewable Industries Canada

Established in 1984, the RICanada is a non-profit association whose members and supporting organizations provide renewable fuels, including biodiesel, to Canadians.

Task 39

Task 39 is a group of international green energy experts working on commercializing sustainable biofuels used for transportation. Task 39 is also a key piece of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Canola Council of Canada

The Canola Council helps to bring together the many operation levels involved in the conversion process, in order to grow and increase awareness of canola as a renewable energy source.



Biofuel Research, Protocols, Regulations

Alberta Biofuels Offsets Protocol

Quantification protocols for Biofuel Production and Usage in Alberta

Alberta Renewable Fuel Standard

Information for green energy industry members on meeting regulation requirements as outlined by Alberta’s Renewable Fuel Standard.

BC Low Carbon and Renewable Fuel Requirement

The British Columbia Government’s Ministry of Energy news and top stories.

Federal Renewable Fuel Standard

A paper detailing the Canadian Government’s Renewable Fuels Regulations, as defined under the Canadian Environmental Protections Act.

Ontario Greener Diesel Regulation

Provincial regulation intended to expand the use of diesel fuels with better environmental performance, improve air quality, and reduce climate change emissions.

GHGenius LCA Software

GHGenius is an online resource and forum for discussing transportation fuels. The forums are widely used by experts in the biofuels industry to share research papers, operational findings, and other industry news.