Our Network

Waterfall Group works with a diverse group of stakeholders to bring projects to completion. By engaging with influential leaders and experts, we are reshaping the renewable energy landscape in Canada.

Project Developers

We work with highly specialized and knowledgable professionals on projects. Via our skill set and network resources, we are able to add expert capacity to management teams, enabling them to define and execute critical areas of their strategy, project assessment, development, and industry growth plans.

Industry Associations

We provide industry associations with additional capacity to complement in-house technical skills and experience on specific issues on both a national and international scale. We have demonstrated expertise in establishing issue relevance and priority for federal and provincial governments, resulting in timely political engagement of emergent opportunities.


By aligning with financial investors, we provide disciplined guidance for investment decisions, based on expert knowledge of both the opportunities and obstacles facing evolving technologies and projects in the clean energy and natural resource sectors, specifically in agriculture and forestry. We have unparalleled expertise in assessment of ‘government risk’.

Policy Makers

As proponents of the advanced renewable energy industry in Canada, we work to build strong ties with those who effect policy change. We ensure that policy makers have access to current and accurate information about emergent issues, stakeholder impacts, industry fundamentals, regulations and standards under development, and relevant academic research.