About Waterfall Group

Collaboration = Success

Waterfall Group has created a number of strategic partnerships with Canadian agricultural, forestry, and renewable and alternative fuels sectors. We have provided industry leadership for the advanced biofuels (biodiesel) sector in all major industry forums since 2005.

Waterfall Group’s team led the initiatives to found the Advanced Biofuels Canada and we currently conduct day-to-day operations for the association. Our principals were founding members of the Alberta Biodiesel Association and the BC Biodiesel Association (precursors to the Western Canada Biodiesel Association. We have worked directly (as board members and committee representatives) with key national organizations, including the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association , the Canadian Canola Growers Association, the Canola Council of Canada, and various ministerial roundtables and stakeholder processes. Waterfall Group is actively leading a collaborative effort to support the adoption and success of low carbon fuel standards along the Pacific Coast Collaborative corridor (British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon and California).

Through collaboration with industry leaders, governments and non-governmental organizations, we are expanding the production and use of sustainable, low carbon fuels across Canada and the United States.

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