Waterfall @ Sacramento for the 6th annual California Biodiesel Alliance Conference.

Waterfall @ Winnipeg for the 2017 Canola Council of Canada Conference.

Waterfall @ Ottawa for Workshop on the Clean Fuel Standard.

Waterfall @ Sacramento for the CARB meeting on including alternative aviation fuels in the LCFS.

Waterfall @ Association Québécoise de la production d’énergie renouvelable (AQPER) 2017 Symposium in Ottawa.

Waterfall @ Ottawa as the stakeholder engagement process for the development of a Canadian Clean Fuel Standard begins.

Waterfall @ 2017 National Biodiesel Board Conference in San Diego.

Waterfall continues activities with the Alberta Bioenergy Producers Group (ABPG) to advance the province’s bioenergy sector and promote its contributions to Alberta’s climate goals.

Waterfall @ Port of Vancouver’s Environmental Manager’s Breakfast session.

Waterfall @ Renewable Industries Forum held by RIC (Renewable Industries Canada) in Ottawa.

Waterfall partners speak @ BioCleantech Forum in Ottawa (http://www.biocleantech.ca/) on “Life Cycle Assessment of Biofuels: Measuring the Performance of Biofuels in Carbon Pricing & Compliance Schemes” and ‘Realizing the Promise of Advanced Biofuels’.

Waterfall @ WestJet Headquarters for Biojet Innovation Forum.

Waterfall presents @ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) during Roundtable on Biojet Sustainability and Certification.

Waterfall in Toronto for Canadian Roundtable on Sustainable Crops (CRSC).

Waterfall @ Canadian Roundtable on Sustainable Crops (CRSC) ‘Seeking Synergies’ workshop in Winnipeg. The mission of the CRSC is to “Create value for all members of Canada’s grains sector by providing a national forum for advancing, reporting on and communicating the sustainability of Canadian grain production.”

Waterfall presents in a session hosted by Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC) at the 2016 Aerospace, Defence & Security Expo (ADSE) in Abbotsford, BC, to update on the status of biojet research projects.

Waterfall @ 2016 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference in Winnipeg, MB. This is an annual gathering of federal, provincial, and territorial ministers responsible for energy and mining portfolios.

July 2016

Waterfall partners present at the BioFuelNet Canada’s Advanced Biofuels Symposium, ‘Biofuels in a climate of change’ held in Vancouver, BC. The Advanced Biofuels Symposium seeks to enable progress towards the development of a thriving advanced biofuels industry and a more sustainable future. Waterfall partners presented in the keynote session ‘Biofuels in a climate of change’, a biojet focused session ‘The sky is green’, and a policy-focused session ‘Carbon pricing and fuel standards: the role of biofuels’.

Waterfall attends the BC Sustainable Energy Association’s Energy Connections 2016. This event brings together citizens, community groups, businesses, and government agencies to take action and implement solutions in clean energy generation, energy efficiency and conservation, and low carbon transportation.

The Green Aviation Research and Development Network (GARDN) Scientific Committee approves the Civil Aviation Alternate Fuel Contrail and Emissions Research (CAAFCER) project. This 2-year project will evaluate the impacts of HEFA biojet blends on contrail formation in commercial aviation flights. Waterfall was the lead applicant for this project. Project participants include the National Research Council of Canada, University of Alberta, Air Canada, Boeing, Argonaut Scientific Corp., and SkyNRG.

Waterfall presents to the CÉRIUM Graduate school’s Panel on diversification. The Centre for International Studies (CÉRIUM) seeks to promote the understanding of international issues. This knowledge is accomplished through research, study, and outreach programs and activities.