Ian Thomson

Ian Thomson

Ian Thomson is a Partner of Waterfall Group. Ian has 25 years’ experience in strategic change, operations and industry development, with expertise in policy implementation, strategic planning, market development and sustainability. Ian was a founder of Canadian Bioenergy Corporation, and as its President 2005-2011 operated a nation-wide biofuel import and distribution business and led a number of first and second generation biofuel and bioenergy project development efforts.

In Waterfall, his research projects have related to biofuel and bioenergy feasibility, markets, trade and policy. During 2013-2014, Ian has worked extensively with NGOs, regulators and elected officials in a coordinating role to connect the BC clean fuels industry to activities in the Pacific Coast that support emerging clean fuels regulations in the state of Washington and Oregon in the Pacific Coast Collaborative.

Prior to Canadian Bioenergy, Ian was a principal in a sustainability consultancy for local energy and sustainability initiatives, and for a decade, a strategy and change management lead for a global Chicago-based consultancy. Ian is also a former Chartered Accountant. He has founded several biofuel industry associations, serving since 2006 as the President of the Western Canada Biodiesel Association

Key Specialties:

  • Policy implementation
  • Strategic planning
  • Industry and market development
  • Sustainability standards
  • Research and assessment