Fred Ghatala

Fred Ghatala

Fred Ghatala is a partner of Waterfall Group. From 2005 – 2011 Fred was the Director of Government Affairs for Canadian Bioenergy Corporation which operated a nation-wide biodiesel distribution business and developed first and second generation biofuel and bioenergy projects, including a co-venture with Archer Daniels Midland to construct Canada’s largest biodiesel facility (70MGY) in Alberta which commissioned in 2013.

Fred is the Head of Delegation for Canada to ISO 13065 (Sustainability Criteria for Bioenergy). He was the co-convenor of ISO Working Group 4 on Indirect Effects under Project Committee 248. This Working Group was responsible for developing a consensus report assessing the state of science on indirect effects (e.g. ILUC). Fred is past chair of the Industry-Provincial Offsets Group’s Working Group 12 on the development of a biofuels carbon emission reduction quantification protocol for the use in Canada. He is also the director of research for a Transport Canada funded project assessing the potential for developing a biojet supply chain in Canada.

Fred has 13 years of relevant experience in climate change policy and services, including sustainability standards development, environmental management system assurance, developing emission quantification protocols, fuel LCA models, and Corporate Social Responsibility report verification. Prior to Canadian Bioenergy, Fred worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Mexico City (2002-2004) and also the Aga Khan Foundation in Washington DC (1999-2002).

Fred received a Bachelor degree in finance from the George Washington University and a Master of Science from the University of British Columbia where his research focused on implementation of sustainability criteria within the Clean Development Mechanism. Fred has travelled to 40 countries and is fluent in Spanish.

Key Specialties:

  • Climate Change Policy
  • Financial Analysis
  • Standards/Certifications
  • GHG Quantification
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Carbon Markets
  • Environmental Economics
  • Grantsmanship