Clean Energy Consulting in Canada

Advanced Renewable Fuel Consultants in Canada

Waterfall Advisor Group is a leader in natural resource and clean energy consulting in Canada. Our core expertise is clean energy projects and industry development. With our diverse skill set, we work with industry leaders, governments and civil society interests to implement transformative market-based policies, sustainability certification, monetize carbon values and create market access for bio-energy and other bio-products. The expertise of the Waterfall Group touch on all aspects of renewable energy projects from assessment to execution or from policy definition to regulatory implementation. We cover all aspect of the alternative energy project and policy making landscape.

Deep Rooted in Canada’s Green Energy Industry

Based in British Columbia, Waterfall’s team of advisors has been furthering the development of the Canadian renewable energy industry since 2003. Waterfall Group principals played an integral role in the development and growth of the Canadian renewable fuels industry. By leading industry collaboration, Waterfall has lead to stronger market conditions in Canada. We have also worked from the ground up, to establish industrial operations in Western Canada, including the development of Canada’s largest biodiesel production project.

Working to Strengthen Our Industry

As founding members of the Alberta Biodiesel Association and the British Columbia Biodiesel Association, we have helped to create strategic partnerships, advocate for the Canadian biodiesel industry, and foster opportunities to further the growth of green energy usage. Waterfall is continuously looking for new ways to bring about positive change to those using clean energy alternatives. Through collaboration with other industry leaders we can increase the prominence of green energy in industry practices.