Leadership in the renewable fuels industry

Advanced Biofuels: Industry Development and Project Consulting Services

Waterfall Group provides core expertise and full project management services to lead industry initiatives or support project development in the advanced biofuels sector in Canada. We work with industry leaders, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to conduct in-depth research and analysis on the Canadian and global renewable and alternative transportation fuels sector. Industry services include strategic planning, development, and management of initiatives to implement transformative market-based policies, such as renewable fuel standards, low carbon fuel standards, carbon offsets and sustainability certification schemes. In addition, we work with governments to develop and support financial programs, such as capital grants, production credits, and tax-based measures to lower risks and support project financing. Project services include policy/regulatory, market and technology assessments, and support of project financing, development and management needs. We cover all aspects of  the of the Canadian renewable fuels policy, regulatory, and project financing and development landscape.

Deeply Rooted in Canada’s Clean Renewable Fuels Industry

Based in British Columbia, Waterfall Group’s team has been active in the development of the Canadian renewable diesel industry since 2003.

The Waterfall Group principals played an integral role in the development and growth of the Canadian renewable fuels industry by opening up new markets for clean, renewable diesel fuels in Western Canada and Ontario. We worked directly with industry leaders and governments to implement renewable diesel standards for advanced biofuels in British Columbia (RFS – 2010, LCFS – 2013), Alberta (2011), Saskatchewan (2012), Manitoba (2009), and Ontario (2014); concurrently, these provinces also invested over $500 million to seed the development of the low carbon biofuels and bioenergy sectors.

The Waterfall Group team provided leadership and support to a national coalition that secured over $2.2 billion in federal investment in the conventional and advanced biofuels sectors, and the adoption of Canadian renewable fuel standards under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

The Canadian renewable fuels industry has invested over $2.7 billion in the production refineries that manufacture clean, renewable fuels and other valuable bio-products. Waterfall Group assisted in the successful project development and commissioning in 2013 of Canada’s largest biodiesel refinery in Lloydminster, Alberta. The 265 million litre per year canola biodiesel plant supports Canadian farmers by providing a secure market for domestic crop production, and supplies low carbon, high quality biodiesel and glycerin to markets across North America.

Working to Strengthen Our Industry

We led the initiatives to found the Western Canada Biodiesel Association (WCBA), which has transitioned into Advanced Biofuels Canada (ABFC), and conduct the day-to-day operations for the association. We have created a number of strategic partnerships, advocate for the Canadian biodiesel, ethanol and alternative fuels industry, and foster opportunities to further expand renewable and alternative fuel usage.